LHT Network (MAL in Finnish)

...develops regional planning on land use, housing and transportation. Its operations are characterized by a comprehensive approach to the improvement of the regions’ prerequisites for development and to the curbing of climate change. The LHT Network supports the cooperation of urban policy between the central state and city-regions. The aim of the LHT Network is to develop planning processes and tools, to disseminate good practices of cooperation to support planning done in the regions, and, doing so, to strengthen the regions as attractive environments for working, living and leisure time. 

The operations of the network support the realization of the Finnish urban and metropolitan policies both in national and regional level, city-regional strategic planning on land-use, housing, transportation, as well as urban competitiveness. The network establishes, update and highligts the intermunicipal and interregional professional cooperation.

The core of the network are 16 city-regions, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transport and Communication, Ministry of Finance, and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, together with R&D organisations. The network is coordinated by the Joint Authority of Tampere Central Region.

For further information, please contact:

Tero Piippo, tel. +358 400 388 735                                                                                                          tero.piippo (at) tampereenseutu.fi

Kati-Jasmin Kosonen, tel. +358 40 1952 852
kati-jasmin.kosonen (at) tampereenseutu.fi

MAL Network / Joint Authority of Tampere City Region,
Satakunnankatu 18A , 33210 Tampere, Finland



  • Tero Piippo, p. 0400 388 735, tero.piippo (at) tampereenseutu.fi (opintovapaalla 7.1.-3.3.2019)
  • Kati-Jasmin Kosonen, p. 040 195 2852, kati-jasmin.kosonen (at) tampereenseutu.fi,
  • Heli Suuronen, p. 040 846 8127, heli.suuronen (at) tampereenseutu.fi
  • Tampereen kaupunkiseutu, Kelloportinkatu 1C, (Tampella), 33100 Tampere, www.mal-verkosto.fi, bemine.fi, www.kaupunkiseutu.fi